Pro Fighters


Erik "Teiwaz"

Pro Fighter

Erik trained in various Martial Art Styles such as K1, MMA, Muay Thai and Kick Boxing. He started his Pro Fight Career in 2015 and fought at various Stadiums and Tournaments such as Max Muay Thai, Super Champ and others. Fight Weight: 66kg to 69kg Total Fights: 67 Wins: 42 Losses: 25

Leon Tschann

Pro Fighter

Leon has been training Muay Thai in Thailand for some time. He won his last fight by an impressive TKO. in 2021. Calm and

"Super Kay" Tschann

Pro Fighter

Super Kay has a real passion for Muay Thai and has been training Muay Thai since he was 4 years old.. He has been training in Thailand for 6 months and is having his debut fight on the 25h of December in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Sherzod Kabutov

Pro Fighter

Sherzod is a pro fighter in the styles of K1, Muay Thai and Lethwei. He has a total of 70 professional fights with only 1 loss and 9 draws. He trained and fought for Pro Muay Thai on 11 November 2021 in Buriram at the Petchindee show, where he won by TKO in true Muay Thai style.

Jay Chai "Rittichai"

Pro Fighter

Jay Chai is a pro fighter in the styles of Muay Thai and Lethwei. He has a total of 117 professional fights locally and Internationally.

Toon "Yod Hlek Pet"

Junior Pro Fighter

Age: 13 Hight: 153 Fight Weight: 30 -32 kg 13 Fights

Aon "Pi Chid Chai"

Junior Pro Fighter

Age: 14 Hight: 150 cm Fight Weight: 34 -37 kg 3 Fights

Ford "PanPa Yak"

Junior Pro Fighter

Age: 12 Fight Weight: 40 -43 kg 10 Fights

Team "Pet Dam"

Junior Pro Fighter

Age: 13 Height: 150 cm Weight: 35 - 38 kg Fights: 5

Team "Yok Khaw"

Junior Pro Fighter

Age: 9 Height: 130cm Fight Weight: 29 - 30 kg 1 Fights

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